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Calico Creek - Hole Two

More than once I've heard Calico Creek dismissed as "just a pitch and putt...". That makes me wonder if that person ever got passed the first hole. Hole two plays a twisty 241 feet from the red tees, with guardian trees coming in to play pretty quickly. Sure, if you can thread the needle, you can birdie this hole, but it's going to take a near perfect shot.

With an 80' advantage, this is much easier from the green tees. It takes out some of those "early trees" and has a pretty fair line to the basket. From the green tees you can take aim at the giant specimen pine tree just to the right of the basket.

If you come up short or catch an early tree, you'll likely have an awkward stance for your approach shot on this rocky fairway, with ferns, roots, and stumps to deal with.

Once or twice I've gotten stuck behind that giant pine and I was able to straddle putt or take a "patent pending" stance for a straight look at the basket. Just a warning, there is a chance that this tree will leave you with nothing other than a crazy spike hyzer shot. It's a HUGE tree.

Beautiful giant old pine protects the basket from the right side of the fairway

If you miss your birdie chances you'll probably roll down the hill to the left of the basket. Fortunately, a large log acts as a backstop so you'll only have a 15' putt to save par.

After putting out you can follow a short path to prepare for hole three, which will surely test your nerve.

Looking back up the #2 fairway.

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