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Calico Creek Hole 14

After spending lots of times in the woods since the first hole, hole thirteen (hole eight at the moment) is a transition hole that starts with a tunnel shot through the woods and takes huge right turn into the meadow.

From the red tee, you'll need about 175' of carry straight through the woods, then a huge turn to the right for another 100 feet to the basket. For a right handed player, you'll need to decide on a big anny, or maybe throw that forehand. For a lefty, take something overstable and rip a nice hyzer backhand.

Just absolutely make sure you avoid the guardian trees and make the clearing. An early tree and a bad kick can leave you with a tough scramble for par.

From the green tee, you don't have to carry too far to reach the meadow just about 100' to the opening, but avoid the

temptation to try to "cut" your line too close to those trees on the right. For me, I take out my Firebird, normally a much too overstable and fast disc for my arm speed, and aim for the middle of the gap. From there the disc will do the rest of the work and make that hard turn toward the basket.

The basket is wide-open in the meadow, but beware, you've been playing in the woods for a while, make sure you notice what the wind is doing in the meadow. If you aren't expecting it, you may find your putt flying off erratically leaving you with a tough come-backer.

During our glo-golf rounds, this hole is a blast to see glowing discs flying out of the woods to a meadow alit with glowing baskets.

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