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We take a full circle approach to the development of disc golf. At bottom of the circle is our concentration on new players and youth. Through social outreach to the community and schools we will provide the education for new consumers. Installation of nine-hole pocket courses will allow everyone access to a disc golf experience with little to no investment.  Our integrated course design (2 to 4 different skill level tee boxes per hole) allows players of all skill levels to play on a professional disc golf course together. Integrated Courses are going to develop players and transition dedicated players to strive to be pro. It also gives a professional player the ability to teach beginning players by showing them how to manage a course.
At the top of the circle we concentrate on the professional experience. NEDGC’s development plan will have a tournament ready gold level course that will challenge the top pros with the goal of hosting National and Pro tour events. For local professional and amateur players, we will host PDGA tournaments and leagues, utilizing our red, white and blue course layouts. Tying other local businesses into our course through hole sponsorships will increase our reach to the community making us a staple in any town we open a disc golf center. We will also sponsor professional players and create education programs to allow beginner players to learn from the best.
At the center of the circle is our overall mission as a business. We see the world of disc golf as bigger than us. We embrace the unique culture of the sport and encourage professional growth through integration of all players and education into the community. We value family, not only our amazing team but the generations of families that will enjoy the course. We will provide the best disc golf courses in the world by setting the bar using innovative practices.
At the very center of the circle is ITI or Influence Through Inspiration. We hold this idea very close to our hearts and it is at the core of what we do. We feel that the best way to influence a person or culture is to inspire them. We do this through our dedication to display greatness! Although we are not perfect we work hard to bring a player the best disc golf experience possible.

NEDGC Mission: About Us
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