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Our Courses

Your Second Home in Southwick

New England Disc Golf Center is set on 100 acres of beautiful farm land in the town of Southwick, MA. Our Barden Design combines the complexity of disc golf design and the tradition of ball golf to bring the player an experience that is truly inspirational.

Spoonwood Ridge:  This course will test your skills as the par fours and fives make you place your first throw to score well and drop strokes on your opponents. Spoonwood Ridge is currently a par 71 and has two tee boxes per hole: red & white.


Calico Creek: Our 18 hole Executive par 3 course. This course is designed with the beginner in mind but will be the course that seasoned players can work on mid range shots or just get in a quick, fun round. Calico Creek has two tee boxes per hole: green and red.

Terrapin Grove: A putter course at its finest! A player only needs one disc and can have a blast. All holes are under 200 ft and there are two tees per hole: red and white. Stand still shots recomended.

Each hole will have one pin and all tees will play so different skill levels can play together on one course.


All our courses will be designed to PDGA specs.


It is our goal to create a 1000 rated, par 72, with four sets of tee boxes including a gold layout! The finished product will take time and your support will help us move quicker. Check back here for quick updates.

Follow course development on our design blog.

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