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Unsung Hero

Every new course needs one. The person with a unique skill set who doesn't wait to ask what needs to be done. Not looking for rewards, praise, or anything but their own satisfaction in a job well done.

Victor's bridge

For the New England Disc Golf Center, our unsung hero is Victor. Until a few weeks ago he had never even played disc golf.

He has many talents, including carpentry. So when our little bridge over the stream on the way to the first tee needed railings to comply with the laws, Victor was on it, with a pile of lumber and his portable saws. In no time NEDGC had a finished bridge.

Victor also learned of our need to have some benches. Soon a sturdy comfortable bench appeared next to the first tee. A few days later it was painted in a pleasant green that fits perfectly with the beautiful property.

Not long afterward, the one bench became three... and who knows, there might be one or two more around that I haven't found yet.

When I complimented Victor on a great job he shrugged and told me it was just a "little plan he had found on line... no big deal...". That's just what unsung hero always do.

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