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The Hanging Basket: Hole 8

Hole 8 is the second par three on the opening nine, but even though this one plays at 276 slightly downhill from the white tee it's no ace run. This is a huge turning dog-leg left, slightly downhill. For a Right Handed Backhand throw this can be a big hyzer through a wide open line, with just a solitary tall pine in the middle of the fairway to avoid. This poor tree is already has chunks of bark missing for "just missed" drives.

Raised basket

The basket is hung 6' in the air on chains to give a little different look to putts. Get a little too aggressive and miss both the basket and the big "backstop" log and you could end up down the slope a ways with a tester to save par.

Looking back up the 8th fairway toward tees

The subtle feature on this dogleg left is the hill slopes away from left to right. If you get a roll-away or your disc doesn't hyzer the way you hoped there's a fair chance you'll be playing your second shot from down on the gravel road, facing a tough par save scramble.

The red tee only has a concession of 20', though it does change the angles enough to also open up a tight straight line to the basket to the left of the pesky pine.

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