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Spring Re-Opening!

As of this writing, it looks like we might have one more snowstorm to dodge, but the sun is getting higher, the days longer and warmer. Weather permitting, the NEDGC will reopen on Friday, March 30.

The NEDGC course you all new and loved from last year is now sporting a new name: Spoonwood Ridge. The NEDGC crew has been busy and you'll notice that many of the piles of brush that lined the fairways are gone.

Drew burning on Meadows hole #4

The opening will include the new nine hole layout of the Meadows Course. The Meadows is designed to be a fun layout ideal to expose beginners to the great sport of disc golf. You'll see new holes emerging at the rate of about one per week until we're up to full 18.

On the Meadows, holes will range in length from 125' to 225' or so from the "Green" tees, and maybe 175' to 275' from the back "Red" tees. The Reds will give rec players a good opportunity to score some birdies if they are on their game. I will also be a fun "quick" round for advanced players looking for a fast casual round filled with ace opportunities and a great chance to work on your approach and putter game.

The Green should be gentle introduction to new players and kids. We'll also hold some of the Wednesday night leagues on the Meadows Green layout, specifically to give new players a gentle introduction to competitive golf.

The NEDGC also acquired a few new tools over the winter, and look for some AstroTurf tee boxes to start turning up on the Red layout on Spoonwood Ridge.

Don't forget our "Grand Open" tournament presented by Pure flight on Saturday, May 12.

The NEDGC should be a fun time this spring, see you out there!

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