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And Now for Something Completely Different

As the intro to Python’s sketch comedy, it was both a perfectly accurate and slightly ridiculous start to what to the American TV viewer was original and offbeat humor. That description also may fit the New England Disc Golf Center’s “Fun Nights”, minus the “Ministry of Silly Walks”.

With the NEDGC’s Meadows Course Green layout now open, we have a unique resource to offer new players a gentle and friendly introduction to disc golf competition. We will be hosting a Wednesday night “league”, though "league" sounds a little too serious for what this is. The official name will be “Fun Night”. Fun Night will be:

  • A Wednesday Night "all comers" blind draw doubles match on the Meadows Course, beginning Wednesday May 16, 2018. We can be flexible with "blind draw" rules, for example parents can be partners with their younger children, or players can be paired with their significant other, assuming at least one is a new player.

  • Focus on this is a league welcoming for families, total beginners, women, youth, seniors, and rec players. Experienced players are welcome too, but this is a fun, forgiving league. The matches will be a single nine hole round on the NEDGC Meadows Green Layout, starting at 6 PM. Advanced players can self-elect to play off the Red Tees if they want. (Note: as of the May 12 opening, many of the red tees are marked but not completed)

  • For the first six weeks (through June 13, 2018) there will be an optional "instructional round" teeing off at 5:15 as an orientation for new players. An experienced NEDGC member will lead the "instructional round". Basic rules, disc characteristics, and basic throws will be covered.

  • Cost will be $7 to non-member adults, $2 for members and kids under 12. The fee includes as many rounds on The Meadows as people want for that day. They can show up at 4 o'clock and play 18 holes on the Meadows BEFORE league, all for their $7

  • Loaner discs are available

  • Prizes to winners will be vouchers for NEDGC merchandise.

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