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Fireflies and Glo!

The fireflies can be amazing at the NEDGC! Although we're at the whim of nature, we're going to try to catch the peak of the firefly season with a few rounds of disc golf.


For the next two fridays we'll be hosting rounds of Glo Disc Golf on a special nine hole layout on our Meadows Course.

The course will set up from sunset until 11 PM on Friday, June 15 & Friday, June 22. If there is interest and the fireflies cooperate we may even extend this another week or two.

The cost is FREE to members and their guests. Non-members cost will be $5 per carload.

Free S'mors as long as supplies last! We may even have telescope for close-ups of Jupiter and a few others surprises. This will be a fun event.

Bring you own glo discs, though a few loaners will be available. A red filtered head lamp is also helpful.

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