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Eleven and Counting!

I love the Meadows Course!

When I have the time and energy and am looking for a challenge, Spoonwood Ridge fits the bill. But for a quick round, I love playing the Meadows.

For my skill level, on every hole I can be throwing for birdies if I'm good, but if I get careless, I'll be lucky to save par.

The Meadows has been a fine nine hole par three, and this year an upgrade to Prodigy baskets, a new and challenge double-mando hole eight, and two sets of turf tees for every hole made it even better. Add to that the new range and improved putting green, and you can spend a good afternoon testing your game.

Now for the big news, two new holes are playable and "almost" ready for prime time. Two new holes have been roughed in between hole eight and nine. The first of the new holes is a short downhill throw, with three distinct lines to the basket. Just be warned, if you're just a bit long/left and you'll probably be down the hill and have to settle for a par.

The second of the new holes is a very tight straight shot a bit uphill through the woods to a basket up in the Meadows near the location of the old 8th hole. You'll have to keep it very straight for a long way to birdie this one.

At the moment both of the new holes use the old portable DiscCatcher baskets and the tee boxes are just raw dirt, but at least they are playable. Look for the real baskets and built-up turf tees soon.

Two more holes have been flagged and clearing has begun up past hole 5, but these two will take a little more effort before they will be playable.

For now, enjoy the eleven!

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