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Glow Golf Frequently Asked Questions

We got some great publicity from WWLP TV-22 (Thanks Brian Lapis and Nick Bannon). I'm guessing we may have a few people asking a few question for our Saturday, October 26, 2019 event.

What's the cost? FREE! S'mores will be free too, as long as supplies last.

What time?

Once it gets dark enough we'll start the glow rounds, and be out there until about 10 PM if there are still active play. Arrive any time after 5 for a quick practice round before it gets dark.

What is disc golf, and what's is "glow golf"?

Disc golf is basically like ball golf but with Frisbee's, and our "hole" is a basket on a pole with chains to catch the Frisbee. For glow night play, we light up the tees and baskets and Frisbees with glo sticks and small lights.

I've never played before, is disc golf hard to learn?

Most people can play well enough to have fun with just a quick lesson or two, but don't expect to master the game in just one night. FREE lessons are available from 5 PM - dark.

What ages

Any age is welcome, but probably most suitable for kids over 10 and comfortable and mature enough to be out in the dark and be mindful of where they are throwing discs. We even have a few senior citizens that will be out there throwing!

Do I need my own discs?

If you have some, bring 'em, if not, we have free loaners

How long does it take to play a round

Should take 30 to 45 minutes to complete a round on our nine hole glow course.

What should I wear?

Comfortable athletic clothes and solid sneaker or hiking shoes. It will get cold by the end of the night, dress warm but not so bulky you can't throw a disc (AKA a Frisbee)

Where is the New England Disc Golf Center?

51 John Mason Rd, Southwick, MA. It's off Fred Jackson Road. Look for the big round sign and come all the way up the driveway.

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