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The Meadows is Now Calico Creek!

The original vision of the New England Disc Golf Center was to create an environment for everyone to enjoy disc golf. Spoonwood Ridge was our first layout… designed to challenge advanced players with a “classic New England woods” par 65 layout.

After Spoonwood Ridge was opened, we soon laid out six additional holes in the open “meadows” around the parking lot as the beginner course. The name “The Meadows” stuck.

The Meadows” has now evolved in to a wonderful 12-hole layout, with the final six holes in various stages of development. Soon all 18 holes will be finished. With six of the holes still “in the meadows” and 12 of the holes either completely or mostly in the woods, a new name for the course was needed.

After much discussion and input from the entire NEDGC community, “Calico Creek” is the new name for the course. Mountain laurels are abundant on the NEDGC property, stunning when they flower in June. The calico bush and spoonwood are alternate names for mountain laurel, so it seemed only natural to keep the mountain laurel theme. The creek runs between the two courses and delineates the fairway for several of the holes on the Calico Creek front nine.

Mountain Laurel, spoonwood, calico bush!

Calico Creek is an all par three course. From the Red Tees it meets the PDGA guidelines for players with ratings of 825 and above. If you are not familiar with PDGA player ratings, an 825 rating would put a player in the middle of the pack in the “RECREATIONAL” division at a typical “C” tier tournament. A typical 825 rated player would be someone with a little experience that knows the basic hyzer and anhyzer throws and can make 20 foot puts about 50% the time. An 825 rated player will usually be around par on the Calico Creek course from the red tees. An advanced player (say 900 to 950 rated) can still enjoy Calico Creek but will be expected to be making lots of birdies.

Calico Creek also has green layout tees, unique for all of New England, which allow beginners a rich disc golfing experience without the frustration’s newbies experience on more difficult courses. Even from the green tees, Calico Creek is a classic “New England woods” adventure. The holes incorporate changing elevations, doglegs both left and right, and some interesting “risk – reward” options, though the fairways aren’t so tight and holes so distant as on the red layout.

With just a little practice and training, first time players will have a chance at birdies and pars on the short green layout. Both young and older players find they can be competitive. For advanced players, the green layout can be a guilty pleasure: ace runs and birdie opportunities on every hole.

More and more frequently, I’m noticing the NEDGC members playing rounds on Calico Creek, sometimes as a warmup for Spoonwood Ridge, or maybe just to fit in a quick fun round.

Map of both courses

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