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Calico Creek - Hole 5

Hole five is the famous "Old Man in the Tree" hole. It's a very short uphill pitch and should be an easy birdie opportunity... if you can avoid the trees, especially the Old Man.

It's just 175' from the red tee and only a 110' uphill toss from the green tee. You'll have a few lines to choose from. The left-to-right line is inviting, though you'll have a couple of late trees that you'll need to miss to park that drive.

The right-to-left line is blocked from the red tee, but you may have a line from the green box, though if you get a bad kick Calico Creek may swallow your disk. The brook plays casual, free 1 meter relief, but good luck getting decent footing for your scramble throw.

Old man in the tree

If you go right up the middle, there's the old man in the tree to contend with. At the moment his face is under repair (more than one player has met the old man, he's taken a beating but so has someone's score card).

There's a tree in front of the basket that can hinder the approach from the right side, and a ditch behind and left of the basket. A missed birdie putt will likely roll down into the ditch and leave you with a 20 foot tester to save par.

After putting out, it's a quick walk to the sixth tees and another short uphill birdie chance awaits.

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