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Calico Creek - Hole 6

Red Tee Hole Five

Open and one of the shortest par threes around. Automatic birdie, right? Not so fast. You'll have to deal with some elevation, make sure you take that in to account. From the red tee, you'll have an uphill toss of 219'. With the basket tucked into the right side, it will prevent you from throwing that favorite right hand backhand hyzer you may be so fond of. You'll need to put a putter or mid maybe with a bit of anny, or give a forehand a go. I've even seen some big tomahawks parked on this hole. Lefties may have a bit of room to hyzer to the basket.

It's a good hole to make an ace run, anything past the basket probably isn't going too far.

The green tee pad is even shorter, just 138 feet to the basket. You also have a tad bit less elevation to deal with.

If by chance you get a little wild and end up off your line, you still can save your par. It's not too thick off fairway, but really, this is a hole that you'll want to birdie.

After putting out, turn back a little to your right and head to seven, the fourth and final of the short uphill hole sequence.

Looking back up the 5th fairway
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