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Calico Creek Hole 7

Hole seven is the final in a sequence of 4 short holes that climb up along then away from Calico Creek. It is the shortest, at least from the red tee, and has the least elevation change, a rise of five feet or so. What makes this one tricky is two leaning beech trees that jut in to the fairway. You have some wide lines to the basket, but with the trees tilted at a nearly 45 degree angle, you'll need to control your disc in both azimuth and altitude.

Looking back back toward the 6th tee

A single teepad serves both the red and green layouts. Just a carry of 155 feet will get you to the basket. The fairway is moderately tight with beech and pine, though you should have a good chance to save par unless you get a bad ricochet of an errant drive.

Just a word of warning, the area of wood chips in front of the teepad can be wet after rains.

At press time, after putting out turn to your right (if you are facing back toward the tee), that will take you down a short path to the "temporary 8th" (soon temporary 8 will be permanet 13) hole. Once the six new holes are put in the ground, you'll had to your left to get to the permanent hole seven.

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