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Calico Creek Hole 13

This an interesting hole, slightly downhill, a right-to-left fairway protected by some guardian trees along the way. It finishes to a hanging basket.

From the red tees, it's a blind 269' toss to the basket. You'll have to thread it through a couple of particularly menacing early trees, then hope your hyzer follows the line of the fairway toward the basket.

Lefties will need to either control an anny through this tough line, or break out a forehand.

From the green tee, players get more than 100' break in distance and avoids the dangerous early trees, with one big exception. A tall pine just in front and to the right of the box completely takes out the option of the right hander's forehand. Righties must throw a backhand, or maybe a tomahawk if you absolutely avoid backhands.

I'm convinced designer Chris Barden placed the green tee to force me to learn to throw a backhand. He's never admitted to that, but I've put in hours on the practice range just to throw back hands on this hole, so, thanks Chris, your plan worked. I still can't throw backhands very far, but I'm not gaining some confidence that I can keep it in the fairway on this hole.

The two small trees that straddle the basket and hold the changes might cause you an awkward stance but shouldn't prevent you from having a look.

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