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Calico Creek - Hole 15

Red Tee hole 15

An interesting hole where you will be teeing from the edge of the woods, throwing a drive across the meadow and hopefully have your drive dip into a protected little glade for a birdie look.

From the red tees, you'll have 279' shot, with a distinct left to right line. The hole features a double mandatory. Your shot must pass between two marked trees, with the right tree more of a factor.

Miss the mando, and you'll go to the drop zone, and have to bend a 60' putt to save par. This is one hole were a two shot swing in a tight match is possible.

The green tees will give you a 75' head start, but you'll still have to turn your drive into the glade past some tall oaks to have a shot at birdie. From when the oaks leaf out in late April until they fall in mid-November, you'll have to keep your drive low to make the glade.

Once you make the glade you may still have to deal with some hazards... don't go long or that huge downed limb will block your come-backer.

Looking back up the fairway from behind #15 basket

Like the previous hole, this one is particular fun in a round of glo, and lends itself to some good lighting effects on the mando and guardian trees.

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