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Calico Creek - Hole 12 Signature Hole?

Hole 12 is a classic New England woods hole. Not only is this whole visually striking, in a tight match a two shot swing is possible. Towering ancient pines, oak, birch, and beech define the fairway. A well thrown tee shot will result in a birdie look. A errant toss and a bad kick will leave you struggling to avoid bogey. From the back tee it's 246' slightly downhill technical shot from a finely crafted turf tee box, with plenty for room for a run-up and follow through.

You have a choice of many lines, though each face a unique risk-reward analysis. The left-to-right line will be favored by right handed forehands. Overcook it and you drive will be snagged by some mountain laurels and sumac. Cut off too much and you might catch an early tree. Either error will leave you with tough par saves.

Fairway options

The straight-down-the-middle line is narrow, and you'll still need to find a way to turn you disc a bit to the left at the end of the flight to get that birdie look.

The right-to-left line is a bit more generous is easier to avoid an early tree, though there is still a lot of timber to navigate between the tee and the basket.

From the short tees, the right-to-left line is by far the preferred option. You get a generous 85' head start compared to the red tee.

In October when Calico is showing it's autumn colors this hole can be a golden tunnel to the basket. The green is fair with no gimmicks, though a beautiful tall white that may force you to shape a birdie try coming in from the left side of the fairway.

Looking toward the basket from behind the red tee

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