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Design Concept

Here at New England Disc Golf Center we use a design style that includes the intricacies of disc golf design and the tradition of ball golf design. Lead designer Chris Barden creates concepts in our design strategy that are going to push the boundaries about what we know about the sport. The design goal is to create a par 72, 1000 rated gold course that extends approximately 12,000 feet. The key to this concept is to have four tee boxes per hole. Each tee box will be color coded and rated to the PDGA specs. For example the red tee will play 930 rated. Players will be able to choose the challenge and less skilled players can play the reds while seasoned vets can play back tees.

We will be opening in the Spring of 2017. Our development plan spans three years. We will be opening with red and white tee boxes and developing the rest of the course as we go. Please realize that over the development period the course will change. A project this size will take time. Your support will help us move along faster. Thank you for reading and we will see you in the spring.

The Map:

Yellow Lines are holes which are in progress. Playable with a little love.

Red Lines are holes which are designed but no construction has happened yet.

White Lines are conceptual. We are working on the design on the back nine.


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