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Calico Creek - Hole 17

17 Red Tee

Hole 17 requires that you hit a tight gap from down in the woods to approach the basket that sits in the meadow. From the reds, you have 194' subtly uphill drive on a daunting tight line. You'll have to throw a putter or mid very straight to avoid the maples, oak, and birch that define this fairway. It's easy to not notice the elevation change, and even if you hit the gap you might find your disk landed short.

From the green tee you have a wider angle to negotiate those last two guardian trees, and 141' to the basket. You'll also avoid many of the "early trees" that can lead to bogies from the red tee.

There's not really an easy bail-out line to play "safe". You'll have to hit the gap, or maybe get really lucky or you'll be scrambling to avoid a bogey. When not feeling particularly confident, I've even tried a tomahawk to increase my chances on making the gap.

Tight gap to the basket in the meadow

The basket is wide-open in the meadows, but don't underestimate the tricky winds. The putting green slopes a bit from left to right, miss an aggressive birdie attempt from that side and you might have a tester to save par.

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