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Calico Creek - Hole 18

The Spoonwood Ridge finishing hole can be a nightmare... Calico Creek's is a dream. It's a wide-open downhill ace run, maybe even in front of a gallery spectating from the pro shop, or maybe a carload of arriving players come up the driveway. From the reds, take aim at the unprotected basket 252' away. The greens play at 173', but in both cases the downhill makes it play shorter than its measured distance.

I think of all the first-time players that will have Calico Creek as their first disc golf experience. They will reach 18 and be rewarded for learning new skills... hitting the chains for a satisfying score, that experience will hook them on the sport for life.

Hole 18 Red Tee

Just a word of warning for you experienced players, before you card that birdie, the winds blowing down the rise can make disc hula-dance the whole way to the basket. I've seen what looks like on target shots get slammed to the grass 75' short or catch some air and fly 90' past the basket.

18 Basket looking back at the tee

After putting out, head up to the shake, enjoy a cold driven, swap stories about your round. Ready to hit Spoonwood?

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