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Calico Creek - Baskets and Tee Pads

Calico Creek should be considered a "rec level" course (PDGA Red & Green layouts), but in no way is it anything less than professional in quality. The layout provides a rich and varied experience and the course meets or exceeds the high standards that you would expect on a "pay to play" course.

Calico Creek features top-of-the line baskets and tee pads. The baskets are Prodigy "T-2" baskets, in a brilliant red that shows off beautifully both in the open meadow and the deep dark woods. The T-2's feature 20 outer chains and 10 inner chains, inter-woven with Prodigy's "Strikezone" technology. The T-2 is one of the best-catching baskets on the market, so even us rec level players can build confidence in our putting.

T2 Prodigy on 18.

All baskets are well mounted in sleeves sunken in heavy cement, except hole 13's hanging chain tree mount. Some of the greens have subtle hazards of slope or a well placed tree or two, but none of the greens have any "gimmicks" to randomize play. Hit a good approach line and you should have a good putting line. Get a little wonky and you may need to get creative with your putt. That huge specimen tree to the right of the basket on hole #2 comes to mind.

Liberal use of wood chips keeps down the poison ivy and makes for consistent footing for several of the baskets.

Like Spoonwood Ridge, Calico Creek features turf tee pads on every hole. Most are at least 10' by 5', though some of the shorter holes where stand-still drives are used the pads might be a little smaller. All are leveled and sanded, and have adequate 'run up' and 'follow through' areas that are graded for safety. They have proven to be excellent "all weather" pads, well reviewed by players for their consistent feel.

Hole 15 red tee, with green tee up the fairway

In the coming months, look for some amentities such as better signage and more benchs on Calico Creek, consistent with the intent to make the New England Disc Golf Center experience to be world class.

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