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Yes, we are open!

In accordance with Massachusetts state guidelines, we will be open, effective May 9,2020. Now it is the disc golf communities' responsibility to be safe. We all must take the treat of COVID-19 seriously and follow all state guidelines and CDC recommendations.

Effective today if you want to play at the New England Disc Golf Center:

  • We have two pay options:

1) Buy a day pass at NEDGC.COM (no touch option)

2) Exact change in the pay slot. Please sign in.

  • Feel free to use the range, but currently the putting green is closed.

  • Maximum of four (4) players per group unless the group is composed of immediate family members with whom you are sharing quarantine space.

  • Always maintain at least six feet from each other, even family members. We don’t want any behavior to be mis-interpreted by anyone and be accused of not following social distancing guidelines. Be especially careful on tees and greens. Give each other plenty of space.

  • DO NOT PASS slower groups in front of you. ALWAYS stay at least one full fairway away from the group in front of you. We have two big courses out there, no reason to crowd.

  • All putts less than 10 feet are considered “gimmes”, please DO NOT putt out to reduce any plastic to metal exposure.

  • No Dogs

  • Please STAY AWAY if you are not feeling perfectly well.

  • Masks are recommended but not required.

  • Wash your hands before and after you play. Use hand sanitizer periodically during your round.

  • Retrieve all made putts immediately, without touching the baskets.

  • Restroom facility will be closed

  • Please no congregating before or after rounds. Please leave immediately after completion of play.

  • Never touch anyone else’s discs or bags, even family members’

  • If you see any inappropriate behavior, please notify us immediately. We have been given an opportunity to act responsibly during the global pandemic. PLEASE DON’T MESS THIS UP.

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