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Calico Creek, a New Hole!

Drew, Chris, and the staff of the New England Disc Golf Center stayed busy during the state mandated COVID-19 closure. An addition hole has been completed on the Calico Creek front nine, between the third hole and the old fourth hole. For now, we'll just call the hole "3A". Once we're to a full 18, this will be hole 4.

It’s fascinating to me to watch the design and construction of a new disc golf hole. Drew and Chris were originally planning on putting the last six holes of the Calico Creek layout to the south end of the property and had began clearing for the holes last year. However, some of the land proved to be just too wet to make six safe and playable holes. One hole would have to be relocated.

Hole four green, reachable but well protected

Chris Barden’s skilled eye for design found a GREAT alternative… by crossing Calico Creek near the 3rd basket, he found an interesting line for a new hole among some to the oldest trees on the property.

With just a few weeks of clearing and some very minor chain saw clearing, the new hole four emerged from the forest. Its another strong hole, consistent with the goal of making Calico Creek a fun layout that offers a friendly introduction to new players but also gives rec players (and beyond) a legitimate disc golf challenge.

This new hole will now be the first in a series of short uphill holes along the creek as it climbs Spoonwod Ridge. Though each hole might look similar in distance and elevation change, each has its own unique character and hazards along the way.

After finishing out on the third hole, a short walk will take you to a path with some stepping stones to cross to the west side of Calico Creek, just steps up a hill takes you to hole 3A tee.

Drew in front of a huge 4 trunk pine showing off his Yoga skills

With just one teebox for both the red and green layout, this hole is just over 165 feet with maybe 10 feet of elevation gain. But before you hot-shots card that automatic birdie, your going to have to carve a fine line and avoid the guardian trees around the basic. The hole plays right to left, but you must avoid some of the early and massive trees. If you get a little careless with your hyzer and you might find your disc rolling down toward Calico Creek. That will force you to scramble to save par.

After putting out you will walk past an ancient spruce, one of the largest trees on the property. You will re-cross Calico Creek over Chris Barden’s chainsaw handiwork that will take you right up to the 4th tee.

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