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Lost and Found


Last updated September 10, 2020

Since we keep irregular hours at the NEDGC shed, if you have a lost disc contact to arrange for retrieval.

DISC & color Name Last Four Digits of Phone Number

Trespass red Alex 3680

Aviar X3 pink Chris 9063

Flick green

Warden white Evan 9864

Leopard3 red

Leopard3 white Rob M 5821

Anvil purple Nick 3704

Archangel lt blue Amanda 3151

Firebird neon green Bonanno 0536

Boss light pink Bonanno 0536

Buzz teal Nate 1261

Midrange? Tan Evan 9864

Defender red

Katana dark purple Malu? 9770

Wraith greenish? Steve 5577

Blizzard Boss yellow

Blizzard Wraith orange John 1777

Boss tie-dyed Brian 2244

Ion clear Kyle 9805

Meteor pink Mike 0232

Firebird red Mitch 6218

Boss orange Adam 6658

Valkyrie yellow Adam 6658

Fuse blue Mickey 9452

Roc light blue Chuck 0342

Aviar orange Jim 9965

Dagger blue Nate 4729

Aviar Orange? 4399

Putter? Pink Gary 4191

Wizard Blue Tota 5481

Evolution orange McKennan 8862

Midrange? White Chris 1410

D2 light green Ben 1573

Nuke OS Blue? 7690

Valkyrie white Mike 7345

Sidewinder orange Bill 7476

Midrange? Blue Rosat i3299

M4 light blue Austin 1858

Dagger white Johnson 0205

X2 light gray NayG 6646

Driver? Red Michael 9728

Driver? Pink Tom 0362

Thunderbird red Richard 2572

Blizzard Beast tan Matt 6222

Circuit purple Dan 5301

Roadrunner orange Tray 5077

ZION green Greg 3663

Culverin pink John 6369

Destroyer blueS. McG 5328

Surge yellow Slivern 4927

Thunderbird yellow John

Thrasher light green Kevin 1143

Wraith light orange Matt 6222

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