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Calico Creek - Hole 8

A few routes to the basket

Just a short walk after putting out on 7 you'll find the nice stone-framed tee box for the 8th hole. It's a 207 foot toss, with a single tee for both the green and red layout. The fairway initially slopes down to the creek, then finishes rises to finish slightly uphill to a basket well protected by some trees.

The throw must cross Calico Creek, which, depending on the time of year, may be six or seven inches for flowing water or be just a dry bed. In either case, it plays "casual", if you happen to land a disc in the creek it's a free lift with 1 meter relief. Notice the fine stonework of Chris Burke as you follow his path across the creek.

The fairway has a couple of defined lines. The most tempting line is the narrow "straight at the basket ace run" line that risks hitting some early trees. The more generous line is left-to-right, though the trees surrounding the basket will make it difficult to get close.

The eight hole yields some birdies, but you'll have to carve a careful line. Unless you get an unfortunate kick off an early tree, you should be able to at least save your par.

After putting out, you'll follow the signs and take the path to the left for a bit of a walk to get to the ninth hole.

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