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Calico Creek - Hole 9

Tee Sign red tee box

You’ll have a bit of a hike from the eighth hole basket to hole nine. Once you get the to the tees, you will realize this hole has completely different personalities depending on which layout you are playing.

From the short “green” layout, it’s a straight ace run, just 152’ with generous lines to the basket. It plays slightly uphill, and there are still a few tree stumps in the fairway that will cut off any skips, but it’s still a good ace/birdie run for a solid rec play.

Gree tee and fairway

From the “red” teepad, the hole becomes an uphill 268’ throw, probably the third or fourth most difficult hole on Calico Creek Red. Some early trees come in to play, and the best line is a slight left-to-right dogleg. There's a bit more elevation from the red tee too. Big arms can still make an ace run with a approach putter, midrange disc or even a fairway driver, but be careful, an early tree and a bad kick brings bogey into consideration.

The basket is pretty open with plenty for brush behind to "backstop" a long throw. There's a bit of a chance for a slight roll-way to the right if you get too aggressive on a birdie run from the left side of the green. After putting out, it's a short walk to hole ten.

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