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The Fourth Hole: Ace Run!

After putting out on the third hole, you'll have a bit of a walk transitioning from the pine / oak forest into thinner cover of poplars and maples. More sunshine penetrates the forest canopy in this part of the property, allowing the 4th fairway to be lined with thriving mountain laurel.

From the white tees it will take a carefully placed 282' drive to catch the basket. While there are several lines to the hole, including dead straight, lots of tall slender trees will knock down an even slightly errant drive. Even if you manage to get close with your drive you still may need to get a little creative with your birdie putt, the basket is guarded by a half dozen trees. Might be time to brush up on your straddle putt or even give the "patent pending" a chance.

From the red tee, its easier to avoid some of the "early trees" and you will only need to thread he needle for 181' for that ace run.

From either tee position, hole four is your best shot at birdie on the front nine... if you can avoid a bad kick off the splendor maples and poplars.

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