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Hole Seven: The Straight and Narrow

From tee to basket, the seventh hole is arrow straight... but oh so narrow! The fairway is another old logging road, and a high canopy of tall oaks and pines create a tunnel. Deep woods threaten on the left side of the fairway, with the right side only slightly more forgiving.

There is a slightly wider landing area about 175' from the basket, but even from there you'll have to negotiate a grove of birches to get a tight approach to the basket.

This plays as a tight and level 436' par four from the white tees. You'll get a nearly 70' break from the reds, with only a tight 357' to negotiate, but don't make the mistake of thinking this will be an easy birdie. This might be a good hole to leave your distance drivers in the bag. A couple of well placed midrange discs might give you your best chance for a birdie.

Hitting the tight line off the tee is very satisfying... but clipping an early tree will leave you scrambling. You may have to get pretty creative with your recovery sho