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The Evolution of the NEDGC

First a quick update on opening... Getting there, still need a bit more work on the driveway and parking lot, plus we'll need to install a shed. Still no target date, but everyone is working hard to get to a place were we can open for business.

Now the fun stuff: The front nine is starting to break in nicely and is playing fantastic. A new "white" tee box was installed on hole six a few weeks ago, 100' past the old combined red/white tee. The hole now plays as a par four from both the white and red courses. It's a tight 475' dogleg left from the whites, still 375' from the reds.

Just be aware, there seems to be a lot of bees on this hole, a couple of people have been stung. The dead tree just past the wood pile seems to be "ground zero".

The recent rains have brought out a wide variety of mushrooms and fungi on the course. The course is an every-changing natural wonderland. Late June brought a mass of fireflies. The view from the parking lot after sunset was amazing.

Look for maybe another preview day soon, and maybe a work day or two, and for a final date for the soft opening!.

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