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Now Eighteen Holes & a Driveway!

Eighteen holes are now playable, and the driveway is now complete. A few finishing touches and "phase zero" will be complete.

The final three holes are worthy additions to the NEDGC.

The sixteenth tee is a bit of stroll after putting out on 15. Just circle around the rusting old car and follow the path to the 16th tee box. You'll be looking at a slightly downhill throw down another classic old logging road, though this fairway is a bit more generous than most. The basket is tucked away to the right, about 309' away, though it plays a little shorter than that. The tee will give you a few yards bonus. Some dense woods both left and right can create some trouble, especially if you get greedy and attack the basket off the tee.

From the basket, follow the trail down away to the seventeenth tee, a short tunnel ace run. The basket is only 299' or so and with a drop of about 15' in elevation, a well placed shot will give you an ace opportunity. You'll just have to keep your tee shot very low. It almost feels like you need to throw "down" to hit your line. Seventeen may be the easiest hole at the NEDGC, but some nasty thrones will make you feel the pain of any badly missed lines.

Photo credit: Chris Burke

The 18th hole plays along the road back toward the parking lot. It's a great finishing hole, a technical par four, about and epic 566' to a basket on a slight rise off the road. Throw off the road to the right and trees will snag your drive. Anything off to the left can catch the slope down to the stream. It is easy to see a two shot swing on this finishing hole... two good shots will give you a birdie look.... but miss your line and you will struggle to avoid bogey.

From the red tee, you'll face a 488' hole. A fairway drive to the landing area, then a couple of well placed mids might be the safest way to card your par for most rec players.

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