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Tune Your Approach Shots!

There is a great new feature out on the NEDGC: A putt/approach range. In addition to the acclaimed putting green, the NEDGC now features a putt/approach range, parallel to Hole One on the Meadows.

The range is marked out at 200', 150', and 100' from a DisCatcher sport basket. Bring your putters and mids, and empty your bag "dialing in" your range from various distances.

One fifty to the basket

With a number of par four and par five holes on Spoonwood Ridge, it's important to have confidence in your approach shots to score well. There's nothing like field work practice to improve your game.

If you are tempted to throw your fairway drivers, keep in mind that the Meadows hole #7 basket is just 150' past the DiscCatcher... please be mindful of players on the Meadows and make sure there are no safety issues.

And lastly, a tip: The DisCatcher is slightly up hill... I find my uphill throws average about 10' shorter than my return shots down hill.

One hundred feet away

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