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Calico Creek - Hole 3

Hole three is the most difficult test on the layout. From the red tee, you'll need to carry 283' and navigate a narrow pinch point about 100' from the basket. A short pine, a maple tree, and a couple of small birch trees jut into the fairway from the right side, ready to catch any disk slightly off line. With Calico Creek along the left side of the fairway, this means you'll have to throw a fairly straight shot... no big hyzers here.

The hole plays slightly down hill. The water plays "casual", so you can take a free lift if your disc happens to get wet, though even with your 1 meter relief you may have a bad stance and no open lines to the basket.

From the green tee your route is shorter by 80', though you are still going to have to deal with that "pinch". Get hung up on the right and you're likely to have a tough scramble to the basket. Be ready to dust off your thumber, tomahawk, roller, or whatever you can come up with. The smart rec player move would be to toss a putter up just short of the pinch point, then make a 100' approach for an easy par. Have I EVER done that? No Way!

The green slopes down a bit past the mostly unprotected basket, but roll-aways aren't too common here. You might note the "mini" basket back in the woods... that's part of the NEDGC mini course. More on that in some later posts.

Birdie is a great score here, it means you've kept your drive straight on line and judged the distance correctly. If you bogied, you'll have some birdie opportunities coming up soon.

After putting out, you'll have to walk back up the fairway just a few steps and catch the stepping stones over Calico Creek a short way up to hole four.

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